Weekly Photo – Air France Concorde at Sinsheim Technology Museum, Germany



Bucket lists are big in the world of travel blogs.  Bloggers set their goals and tick off their accomplishments as they travel around the globe but I’ve never really given my own bucket list any thought.  What I seem to have instead are the strange things that I was obsessed with as a child.   Often I don’t realise until I’m in the midst of doing something that it is one of the things that I have wanted to do since I was a little.

This is how I felt when we visited the technology museum at Sinsheim Germany and boarded the Concorde.  I had forgotten how interested I was in this unique aircraft I had been as a child and how disappointed I was when they were retired in 2003.  I thought then that I’d never get the chance to see a Concorde in real life but here it was in front of me, perched on metal spikes and slanted at an angle so that it appeared to be taking off.  In my childhood the Concorde had represented state of the art innovation and from the outside it still appeared swift and sleek.  However seen through 2013 eyes the interior was lacklustre and downright daggy.

Childhood me was still giddy at the fact that she had seen a Concorde though.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo – Air France Concorde at Sinsheim Technology Museum, Germany”

  1. Hi Frank
    Thanks for commenting. The Concorde is still an iconic aircraft despite the fact that it is no longer in use. I still think it’s pretty cool that I can say that I’ve been ‘on the Concorde’.

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