Weekly Photo – Bob Evans at the Geelong Beer Festival

IMG_4673 Bob Evans

The Geelong Beer Festival was held on a sunny Saturday in February and Bob Evans played a set to a suitably lubricated crowd.   He took the song requests for his other incarnation in his stride letting the crowd know that he wasn’t Kevin Mitchell, lead singer of Jebediah on that occasion but his folksy cousin, Bob.

Bob Evans even left the stage to mingle with the crowd mid song and this shot is of Ben with Bob.

Bob Evans is playing in Geelong on Thursday 16th of May and at the Corner Hotel on Friday 17th of May.  I’ve got tickets to the Melbourne show.  I promise not to request Leaving Home.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo – Bob Evans at the Geelong Beer Festival”

    1. He’s playing at the Yarra Hotel on the 16th. It’s not my favourite venue in Geelong so that’s why I’m going to the Corner. I haven’t seen a gig at the Corner for ages and that makes me feel old.

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