Wye River – In Black & White



I’ve just discovered digital magazines. I know, they’ve been there for ages but I only just got a funky little iPad mini to read them on.  I may have built a website (with some help from WordPress and my IT guru Connor) but I can be surprisingly slow on the up take of new technology. For example, I’m one of 3 people on the planet still purchasing CDs.

The best thing about digital magazines is that they seem to be falling over themselves to give you free stuff. I can’t just walk out of the supermarket with a few free back issues of a mag under my arm but on line the rules are different.




I’m loving the ‘free trials’ and I’m remembering to unsubscribe before they start hitting me with the fee.  In the long run I’m sure it will even out. I can see myself spending a lot of money on magazines, especially considering that I can purchase them from home without even having to change out of my PJs.

But that’s not really what this blog post is about. It’s about what I was inspired to do by one of my free issues of Photography Week magazine.



The feature article rightly pointed out that many off us convert a picture to black and white when it is not working in colour and we want more drama.  How many of us go out with the distinct purpose of shotting B&W?




At around the same time I read a post on The Road Forks about, my new favourite European capital, Prague, its photos were all in monochrome.

Sure my subject matter is not at sophisticated as Prague. I didn’t see a medieval bell tower the whole time I was there. Its beauty is a little rawer. But Wye River is a lot closer to home than Prague and the tiny town on the Great Ocean Road makes a fair photographic muse.



With all of the talk on the internet about sponsored posts and such on twitter at the moment I’d just like to point out that this post was not paid for by Apple, Photoshop, WordPress, Photography Week, or Connor.  All opinions are my own.  No one ever offers me money for it.  This is the greatest disappointment of my life…




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