Wye River – Koalas & the zombie apocalypse

This Friday the 21st of December is widely held as the date the ancient Mayans predicted to be end of the world. With that in mind I feel this is a timely blog post.
If your friends are anything like mine then they spend a lot of time planning what they will do when the apocalypse comes.  I’m not sure that the Mayans mentioned zombies in their prophecies but I for one can’t imagine an apocalypse without the flesh eating undead.
So in the interests of effectual planning for this weekend’s impending doom I thought it was time we discussed koalas.
Yes, suitable fortification of your home base, knowing where the nearest gun shop is and where you can access supplies of food and water is imperative but getting yourself mentally ready for the zombie apocalypse is, in my opinion, equally important. 
While I can’t prepare you what the end of the world will look like I can categorically tell you what it will sound like. It will sound like koalas. 
Oh they may look like teddy bears but when the sun goes down the noises they make are petrifying. Whether they are fighting over mating rights and even when copulating, they make the guttural, rasping reverberations that I can only associate with the undead.
So if you plan to survive the zombie apocalypse, try to fit in a camping trip to Wye River by the end of the week. There you’ll see plenty of cute koalas and hear the undead. 

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