Wye River – Wildlife

There were little plastic packets of seed for sale on the counter at the Wye River caravan park. This was the first clue that maybe there would be a bit of wildlife to be seen around the area.



There were the obligatory ducks followed by fluffy ducklings, cackling kookaburras and the koalas of the zombie apocalypse that appeared so sweet and cuddly in the daylight hours.
The Wye River General Store even had a curious koala trying to get in the door.
There were 2 goats in the back paddock, one of which got off his leash and proceeded to put on a display of goat kickboxing with his nemesis.



And those packs of birdseeds? Well there was a punctual King Parrot who turned up at the same time each day for his feed, even when our packets of seed had been exhausted. 



A blue wren fluttered his way through our campsite and cleaned up our crumbs. 
Of course along with all of the native and controlled wildlife there was the odd feral animal.  We saw a fox, a mangy untamed cat and heard quite clearly a very drunk lady in the onsite cabins whose shrieking laugh sounded like a kookaburra being strangled.  A nocturnal kookaburra that continued to screech into the wee hours of the morning. Regrettably I didn’t get a photo but alas they aren’t too rare. 

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