Yarrawonga – Boosey Creek Cheese & why kids can come in handy – Part 1


I have to admit that when we turned onto the poorly marked dirt road that the Farm Gate Trail map told us Boosey Creek Cheese was on we weren’t too sure. We became even less certain when we turned into the property.  It appeared to be a regular working farm with a farmhouse to one side and iron milking sheds to the other.
It was only a small sign and then a friendly wave from a women coming out of the farmhouse that let us know that we were in the right place.
I have to recommend taking some kids with you if you decide to make the trek down the dirt road to this farm gate. Borrow some if you have too.
Without the kidlets we would have had to behave like adults, head straight into the shop, ohh and ahhh over some cheese then head off. 

But instead we were asked if they wanted to see the cows being milked. Grown ups never get invited to do the fun things on their own.  Kids are the ticket into the really interesting stuff.  


The cows behaved in such an orderly fashion, stepping onto the revolving milker, making their rotation, stepping off then slowly strolling back to their paddock without fuss. I’m not sure that two year old Hope and four year old Owen really had any idea about what was going on but all of us adults were fascinated.
Next we were asked if the kids wanted to see the calves.  Did I ever! What, ah yes the kids would love to see the calves.  


We were told that the girls are kept to become milk producers in the future and the boys were due to be sent to the market the following morning. Luckily these kidlets are young enough for such facts of life flutter over their heads.
Then we headed to the store to be adults and taste the cheese made onsite from the milk these cows had produced.  
The Boosey Blue was a soft blue cheese while the Burramine Blue had a firmer texture.  I couldn’t decide between the two so I bought both. That way I can continue trying to decide which I like best at home.


We fed the kids the mild Yarrawonga White Fetta while my poor pregnant friend Erin just watched on.  I promised to bring her a wheel of Camembert in the hospital after she has given birth but I don’t think this made her feel any better.  
So while I have found her kidlets useful today I think that watching other people eat handcrafted cheese is too big a price to pay.  I’m sure she’ll lend them to me if I need them again.  

Boosey Creek Cheese 
734 Grinter Rd, Boosey

Get there between 12.30 & 2pm with kidlets in tow to see the cows being milked.


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