Yarrawonga – Rich Glen Olive Grove & why kids can come in handy – Part 2

It was time to leave ‘Sun Country’, as the glossy tourist brochures have christened the area along the Murray River between Yarrawonga and Barmah.  So we packed the kidlets, who had come in so handy the day before at Boosey Creek Cheese, and headed out of town along the Murray Valley Highway.  Little did we know that these kidlets would continue to prove useful.


The farm gate store at Rich Glen is a tiny room packed to the brim with breakable bottles and shiny things begging to be touched. They make an incredible range of products on site out of their olive oil. From the to be expected flavoured oils, salad dressing and of course preserved oils to a range of beauty products including soothing balms and soaps. 
Spotting their obviously discomfort at having to stand still the owner asked if the kids would like to feed the baby lambs. Lambs! The adults’ eyes lit up, the kidlets didn’t seem too enthused but we dragged them into the owner’s backyard where a fall of ravenous lambs awaited us.
She told us that foxes had killed quite a few of their sheep this year leaving lambs to be hand reared in the backyard of the farmhouse. 

Evidently Rich Glen has had a particularly bad year with lots of rain at the wrong time of the year causing disease to wipe out most of their olive crop. While they usually produce up to 150,000 litres of olive oil in a year this year they will only product about 20,000 litres. 


So we spent the next half hour watching the kidlets get bowled over by hungry lambs.  The collective noun for a group of lambs may be ‘fall’ but it was the kidlets who did all of the falling.  The lambs proved to be quite greedy and it was hard to remember who had been fed and who wasn’t bossy enough to get to the front. 
Although we came to pick olives I was still sucked into buying a few of the products from the shop including a truffle infused olive oil, chilli olive oil and a pomegranate salad dressing.


The kidlets continued to come in handy when we popped some canvas bags over their shoulders and put them to work in the grove picking olives.
Kidlets – is there nothing they cannot do?

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